A Weekend of Upcycling Wonder

I am always dreaming always dreaming of that one piece of furniture that will make my home complete. Like other people dream of designer dresses and shoes – I dream of furniture. I buy and acquire furniture not to fill a hole, but to ‘tell a story’, mark an occasion or celebrate a milestone in my life. Regardless of the value or cost, once I have made it mine and ‘upcycled’ it – it becomes part of my home and my family.

My neighbour Carol is an amazing 75-year-old woman. She has an incredible amount of flavour and gusto and ‘zooms’ through life at 100 miles per hour. One morning, not too long ago, she came knocking announcing that she was planning a clear out in her utility room. Now, if I am completely honest I have had my eye on a cabinet in her utility room for quite some time… Before I was born Carol ‘rescued’ this cabinet from a derelict farmhouse and have loved and used it for longer than I have been alive. Upon announcing that she was planning on getting rid of it I jumped at the opportunity and acquired it for myself.

Between us we managed to manoeuvre the ‘beast’ of a cabinet from her house to mine and place it on top of a previously purchased piece.
It was clear that the ‘beast’ and its new base or bottom were not in balance and something had to be done to bring the whole cabinet together and achieve the look of a solid piece of furniture.

The Bonfire salvage wooden worktop Over the weekend Mr R covered the DIY checklist by incorporating pallets bolts ect ect Everyone got involve including little Mr. R
By adding beading, bolts, vintage handles a lick of paint and a handy husband at DIY, we created a cohesive harmonious look.
By sanding back parts of the cupboard, I managed a distressed look, keeping it within its character and reflecting its age. After all, this cabinet is older than me, and still being used.
In a weekend, we created a piece of furniture that is practical, has a prominent place in our home and the whole family (as well as our neighbour Carol) was involved in the design, build and revival. We created memories.


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