Welcome to Upcycle Your Home. I am Danecia and passionate about all things Homely and Upcycled. Among my friends, I am known as Nich that either moves things around or add bits that were not initially there.

I am fascinated about how space can be utilised in a home. I enjoy helping others to create a home that is practical yet individual to them – showcasing their unique style, personality and quirkiness.

A home evolves and changes just like we change as individuals. Whether we like it or not, we are affected by our surroundings. To me it is important to guide my clients to create a home that they feel comfortable living in. I get real enjoyment out of creating interiors on a limited budget. It amazes me how easily one can create a beautiful home interior on a very small budget.
Upcycle Your Home started in 2012, and over the years I have met wonderful people who became repeat clients and friends. I have gained knowledge and experience in visualising and ‘people skills’ by working in numerous business sectors. This has certainly given me the confidence and knowledge to help my clients ‘tap’ in to their creative side, and by doing so together, we have created beautiful homes.

I am a born South African and have travelled the world extensively. I feel privileged to have visited beautiful countries and have met wonderful people. Without a doubt my travel experiences have and still is, playing a big part in my creative projects. As my personal life, have changed over the years I have gained experience and an understanding of how a home should evolve. Adapting a space suitable for a young professional right up to being able to accommodate a growing family.

Changing your interior space need not be a daunting and a stressful prospect. I will work with you and guide you through the process. It will be a pleasure to work alongside you to create a space, home or interior that reflects you as an individual.