Ready, Steady, SOLD!

A new year, a fresh start. Most of us will be trying to lose weight, some a new career and some will be finding a new home. If you are planning on doing the latter, that will most probably mean …. click to read more

A Weekend of Upcycling Wonder

I am always dreaming always dreaming of that one piece of furniture that will make my home complete. Like other people dream of designer dresses and shoes – I dream of furniture. I buy and acquire furniture not to fill …. click to read more

Sophie and Daniels Masterclass

O The Great Interior Design Challenge has to be one of the most watched interior design television programs. And if you are following my blog I can only assume you are a fellow interior enthusiast. An opportunity recently presented itself …. click to read more

Grey has become the new Beige..

The one question I get asked the most during Colour Consulation “Do you think I should go with grey as the main colour?” Yes, grey has become the new beige. In colour phycology, grey represents ‘tranquillity’ and balance. It is …. click to read more