Grey has become the new Beige..

The one question I get asked the most during Colour Consulation “Do you think I should go with grey as the main colour?”
Yes, grey has become the new beige. In colour phycology, grey represents ‘tranquillity’ and balance. It is a perfect neutral and classic colour.

Grey suits most rooms, most moods and most settings – if you select the correct shade of grey.

What you need to establish is the ‘Shade’ of grey. Do you need a cool, warm or dark grey? All paints have undertones that either create warmth or coolness. A south facing room with a lot of sunlight can carry a cooler shade whereas north facing rooms need a warmer shade.

Style tip: Dark Greys work well in hallways as it makes the rooms off it feel larger and brighter.

It is safe to say Grey as a colour is calm and safe. It is practical, simple and reliable and I do feel it’s going to stick around for a while.

Happy Decorating Everyone!




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