Home Styling

Perfect planning prevents poor performance which is the fundamental rule when styling a room or space. It is all about making sure everything within the space works with your needs, lifestyle and expectations. Home Styling is all about using your existing pieces and restyling the room in such a way that not only will it look new and fresh, but by moving things around how to better utilise the space.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your budget, how the room is currently used and what the room is lacking. If your room is filled with practical items that you use every day but they are looking a little dated and worn, we will look at options for Upcycling…so that you can fall in love with them all over again. Together we will set an achievable time schedule and carefully map out every stage of the design.

A home is about who you are and what you love, brought together under one roof. By styling your room we will work together in giving the space a sense of your style, identity and personality.

Having worked with several clients who live in a variety of different properties I understand the different challenges one can face from living in a period property right through to a new build. All spaces can be transformed to showcase your own personal style and taste.

Top Tip:
ou can instantly refresh a room by showcasing the beautiful things you already own but keep tucked away in cupboards. Display those adored vases, candle holders and bowls be it on a dining table or a console. It’s not a permanent fixture so as your mood changes so can the arrangement.