Grey has become the new Beige..

The one question I get asked the most during colour consultations… Do you think I should go with grey as the main colour.?

The answer stays the same..
Grey has become the new Beige. In colour psychology, grey is the colour that represents peace and balance.As its a perfect neutral and a true classic.
The beauty of grey is it becomes a chameleon as it suits just about every room, every mood and every setting as long as you select the right shade of grey..

The biggest question you need to ask yourself is do you want a warm shade of grey or a cool shade of grey, and how dark do you want to go?
All paints have undertones that either create the warmth or the coolness.A south facing room can carry cooler tones whereas north facing rooms can’t.

Style tip: Dark Greys work well in hallways as it makes the rooms off it feel larger and brighter.

It is safe to say Grey as a colour is calm and safe. It is practical, simple and reliable and I do feel its going to stick around for a while.

Happy Decorating Everyone!