Virtual Colour Consultation

The perception of Interior design is changing as more and more people want to decorate and style their homes in their own time and at their own pace. Gone are the days that Interior Decorators were only for the rich and famous. My recent client has proofed the concept yet again. Virtual styling advise is the way forward.

“I want elegant, cool and calm and I want the outside to form part of the inside. Unfortunately, I have to keep my existing couch (that I hate) but whilst we save up for a new one I will have to embrace it.” “I love plants, however under the conditions (living in Dubai) and following my track record of killing them it might not be a good idea”

By working alongside my client we quickly pinpointed her desired color combination as well as the feel she wanted in the room. With shades and hues of blues, greys and greens, we pulled it all together by creating a natural color palette that will embrace the outdoor living her family lives. The tile represents the type of artwork she’s after, the Aloe Vera the plants she will buy, love and not kill and the wood is the rustic elements that will be incorporated within the design with the likes of home accents.

By working together my client and I quickly established her desired colour combination and palette. Shades of blue, grey and green allowed for a natural combination embracing the outdoor living the family loves.

The tile represents the type of artwork she was after, the Aloe Vera the type of plants she was buying (love and not kill) and the wood represented the rustic elements that were incorporated through accents and accessories.

Her existing furniture blended in beautifully and the “ugly couch” was addressed by accessorising with cushions and light textured throws. By doing something so simple she has softened the brown and the overall look and feel of the room.

Testimonial from the owner
THANK YOU !!I was amazed how quickly Nich pulled it all together. She not only listened she went beyond my expectations. I can not wait to source the suggested items and start the project fully as with Nicha’s ongoing support I wont be lost when it comes to styling the room as shes just a video-link away.

Pictures received from client.