Sophie and Daniels Masterclass

O The Great Interior Design Challenge has to be one of the most watched interior design television programs. And if you are following my blog I can only assume you are a fellow interior enthusiast. An opportunity recently presented itself to attend the S&D Masterclass. You can imagine my joy at having an opportunity to attend a masterclass hosted by Daniel Hopwood and Sophie Robinson.

Daniel Hopwood started the masterclass by sharing his experience and knowledge from the onset. He naturally ‘oozes’ a passion for architecture and design and with his easy ‘down to earth’ personality he had me at ease and totally captivated from the start. He had the whole room mesmerised, so much so, that we forgot to place our lunch order. But, who needs food if you are surrounded by likeminded people feeding on creative passion?

Sophie Robinson’s eyes sparkle. They sparkle with her passion for colour, pattern and style. I would imagine that Sophie rarely has a bad day with so much colour that surrounds her. With over 20 years’ experience she has a wealth of interior design knowledge. She knows the interior design rules but boy does she know how to break them! By doing so, she makes her styles stand out from the rest.

Getting to know both Sophie and Daniel I can honestly say that they make a wonderful duo. They complement each other incredibly well and what you see on screen, is true for off screen too.

I would recommend attending the course… Especially if you have a passion for interior design or wish to embark on your own refurbishing project. With Daniel’s ‘crafty’ eye and Sophie’s lust for colour you will leave the course feeling truly inspired, optimistic and ready to tackle any interior project.



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